Penyakit Keturunan


Hai.¬† A week ago we went on a short trip to JB in conjunction with my tunggal tersayang, Juan aka Doyok’s wedding. We drove down Friday night and came back to KL Sunday morning.

Thus I would like to take this opportunity to wish Juan and Ayu, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga both of you akan dikurniakan keluarga bahagia dan hidup bersama hingga ke akhir hayat. As your just-a-little-bit-older-than-you cousin, I will be there for you (and your wifey) if you guys need help and assistance. I am just a phone call an fb update a twitter entry away. Find me. Hugs and kisses, lotsa love.

You see I have a BIG BIG family. The history is soo complicated that it will take me 3 hari 3 malam to cerita sampai abis. What I would like to point out here is that since anak En. Azman & Pn. Faridah is only me and Pendek, both of us tend to be very close to our cousins. Tak kira la whether it is cousins from Kajang side, Arshad Clan or Dadi’s side. Kebetulan pulak there is sooo many of us, you can’t help but have few cousins within the same age band.

Back to the entry for today. I would like to talk about penyakit keturunan. We all know certain penyakits tend to jadi penyakit keturunan. Its in the genes bak kata orang. So like my family.

  1. From the Arshad Clan, we inherit asma or skin allergies
  2. From Dadi’s side – its constipation , penyakit usus and the likes
  3. From both there is history of penyakit 3 beradik heart-diabetic-darah tinggi


Tapi itu penyakit secara scientific. Kalau yang bukan scientifically or genetically connected pun ada. Like or not, sure dapat punya.

  • Lohong – tau tak apa itu lohong? Ummmm…. literally its means apa yang klaur dari mulut tu kuat.Kuat cakap. Kuat ketawa. Suara ketawa. Menangis kuat. Gossip kuat. Semua kuat la pokok pangkalnya. In my case, my family is LOUD. You all know me kan. Imagine about 30 other pompuan yang macam aku. And all 30 of them in 1 room during kenduri kendara. Havoc does not even start to describe the situation. Dari nenek2 sampai la ke budak kecik. Sama jer. Aku pun hairan. Yang pelik la kan.People who marry into our family kan macam Tiyoon ot my cousins’s spousins tend to be pendiam. Ironic kan?


  • Big and Beautiful (a nice way to describe montel and sasa) – i think the title describe it well. My cousin perempuan kebanyakkan comel and sasa like me la. Yang cousins lelaki pulak comel dan kecik kecik. Yang pelik juga di sini,Perempuan who marry into our family tend to ‘grow’ to our proportion. Ironic eh?


  • Same habits or hobbies – We are more inclined to share the same things to do.


Other traits of us are:-

  • Family comes first – we are very protective of each other and we watch each others back diligently. You jentik one, all of us feel the pain. Walaupun we sometime bicker or bitch about the other cousins, ultimately we take care of each other.


  • What happens in that generation, stays in that generation – you see there’s the elders means my mom and her adik beradik or Botakman and his siblings. Then there is my generation referring to elder’s children. Then comes the budak generation meaning my generation punya anak anak la. Contohnya, if Pendek goes out clubbing with Aboo, the elders will not know. Even if they know, it becomes like an open secret that we kept unspoken.


  • ¬†Tenaga kerahan percuma – hahaahahah. FOC punya buruh. kalau takhulurkan bantuan, jawabnya kau kawen sok layan la sorang2. kan???


To end it all, not only are my cousins my first ever friend in my life but for me my cousins are like my siblings.


Love you all.


SO next sapa plak kawen ek. 2012 ramai yang kawen weih!


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